Dennis Ross.(Wikipedia)

• Dennis Ross, the Obama Mideast adviser long seen as the White House official most sympathetic to the current Israeli government, will leave his post next month. [NYT]

• The European Union is expanding sanctions against Syria. [WSJ]

• A nice tribute to Herschel Grynszpan, whose assassination of a German official kicked off Kristallnacht 73 years ago yesterday. [Heeb]

• Retired Jewish ballplayers Shawn Green, Brad Ausmus, and Gabe Kapler are all in on the national Israeli baseball team. [ESPN]

• Great article on Kreayshawn. Most people don’t realize Kreayshawn is Jewish! [NYT Magazine]

• Great article on TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington. Most people don’t realize Arrington is Jewish! [Bloomberg Businessweek]

• Great article by Tablet Magazine columnist Shalom Auslander on his obsession with hard-core pornography. I think most people realize that Auslander is Jewish. [GQ/Longform]

Jewish rapper Drake has not cancelled his planned show at Penn State tonight. Tweeted Salon’s Alex Pareene, “This is Drake’s ‘James Brown saves Boston’ moment.” It was nice to laugh a little last night.