A cleared Zuccotti Park is cleaned as police look on.(Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

• Apparently at the request of Zuccotti Park’s private owner, police cleared the Lower Manhattan occupation last night, resulting in dozens of arrests and a suddenly rudderless movement. [NYT]

• Rep. Gabrielle Giffords appeared for an ABC News interview last night and is recovering remarkably. [Huff Post]

• Jordan’s King Abdullah is the first Arab leader to state publicly what many privately believe: that it’s time for Syria’s President Assad to go. [WSJ]

• The son of a conservative Iranian politician with alleged ties to the 1994 Jewish Community Center bombing in Buenos Aires was found dead in a Dubai hotel room. It was nominally suicide; some are suspicious. Oh boy. [LAT]

• French President Nicolas Sarkozy sent Prime Minister Netanyahu a letter pledging friendship after he was caught on a hot mic saying that Bibi is a “liar.” [JTA]

• Jeff Goldberg suggests President Obama needs to do something similar—for the sake of U.S. and Israeli security. [Bloomberg View]