Glenn Beck last week.(Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

• The Zionist Organization of America thinks it’s proper to honor Glenn Beck with something called—sigh—the Louis D. Brandeis Award. [Failed Messiah]

• So, reconciliation appears to be back on track, for now. [JPost]

• That great Times Magazine cover for the Gilad Shalit article? It required 60 hours of drawing. [NYT The 6th Floor]

• Henry Kissinger will not serve as secretary of State in a Herman Cain administration. Which, actually, might be the first good reason to vote for Cain. [Politico]

• Stuart the Turtle sees something he doesn’t like about Occupy Wall Street. [Forward]

• Nextbook Press deputy editor Wayne Hoffman returns to shul. [Huff Post]

Palestinian protesters attempted to take the bus into Jerusalem without permits, in a nod to the Freedom Rides of the 1960s.