• After President Obama asked for his drone back, the Islamic Republic is asking for an apology. We are going to have to send these two to opposite sides of the room. [WP]

• On a less un-serious note, Iran may practice closing the Strait of Hormuz, an act which, if actually done, would do a huge number on the world oil market. [Reuters/Yahoo!]

• Fresh out of government, former White House adviser Dennis Ross insists that while Obama sees force against Iran as a last resort, he does not rule it out if it means preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. [Ynet]

• A heartwarming story about totally ruining Christmas for little Christian boys and girls by telling them there is no Santa Claus. Glad tidings! [Slate]

• The Anti-Defamation League issues its most dishonest press release ever, referring to Roberto Benigni as an “acting great.” [ADL]

• Go see Alvin Rosenfeld discuss his book, which we liked. [Museum of Jewish Heritage]

Everyone forgets about Dave Grohl’s turtleneck.