The scene in Bangkok after the bomb.(Nicolas Asfouri/AFP/Getty Images)

• Israel formally blamed Iran (and Hezbollah, its common proxy) for the attacks yesterday on diplomatic staff in Tblisi, Georgia, and New Delhi. Iran denies it. The one injured woman—a defense envoy’s wife in India—has recovered. [NYT]

• This morning brought another allegedly Iran-linked explosion, this time in Bangkok. However, the would-be attacker succeeded in blowing off only his own leg. [Reuters]

• The New York Police Department’s director of terrorism analysis warns that the city’s Jewish community could also become a target of Iran’s. (He didn’t say if this meant the force would continue its indiscriminate surveillance of Shiite mosques.) [WSJ]

• As China’s future leader visits the United States, a bipartisan group of former national security advisers urged Vice President Xi Jinping to make China get with the program of isolating Iran. [NYT]

• The Obama Administration’s next budget allocates the same amount of aid for Egypt as before Hosni Mubarak’s ouster and only slightly less for the Palestinian Authority despite the ostensible unity deal with Hamas. [JPost]

• As the accompanying photograph testifies, Jews played a not insignificant role in the New Jersey State Senate’s passage of a gay marriage bill. [NYT]