The Egyptian prime minister in parliament.(STR/AFP/Getty Images)

• THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD said that if the U.S. followed through on congressional threats to cut off aid, it would reconsider the Camp David treaty with Israel. [NYT]

• U.S. INTELLIGENCE BELIEVES Iran will not abandon its alleged nuclear weapons program but beyond that won’t go out of its way to provoke conflict (other than developing the program … ). It also believes Israel hasn’t yet decided what to do. [Haaretz]

• THE U.N. GENERAL ASSEMBLY (the one that doesn’t matter) voted overwhelmingly to endorse the Arab League plan for President Assad’s ouster in Syria. [FP Turtle Bay]

• SEVERAL ALLEGED CHILD MOLESTERS at Jewish schools in Australia were able to make their way to the United States. [Forward]

• SO, MOST OF THE ARTIFACTS at the Washington, D.C., Holocaust Museum are actually on loan? And they’re due back? [WP]

• ANTHONY SHADID, an indefatigable New York Times reporter who among other things was our best eyes and ears inside Syria, died in Syria apparently of an asthma attack. He was 43. [NYT]