• Sheldon Adelson has given a pro-Newt Gingrich Super PAC another “substantial” amount—and just in time for his losses tonight! [Reuters/JPost]

• A Christian Arab-Israeli Supreme Court judge did not sing along to “Hatikvah.” For this, MK David Rotem—of “Rotem Bill” fame—called for the judge’s removal. [Times of Israel]

• Mitt Romney will address AIPAC. They used to not let non-incumbent presidential contenders speak, but now they do. [JTA]

• Hipsters or Hasids? The answer may surprise you! [Hipsters or Hassids]

• Is Natalie Portman married? The answer may surprise you! [NYO]

• Congratulations to Tablet Magazine columnist Michelle Goldberg and contributor Spencer Ackerman on their Digital Ellie nominations for work in The Daily Beast and Wired, respectively. [ASME]

A thought regarding the Greenpoint neo-Nazis.