The wreckage from today's strike in Gaza.(Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)

• Airstrikes in Gaza killed four Popular Resistance Committees members. [NYT]

• A planned Pakistan-Iran natural gas pipeline would violate sanctions, but would the U.S. go up against its valuable ally in the War on Terror? Beyond the usual array of lethal drone strikes in its territory, I mean. [LAT]

• Matisyahu is apparently now rocking a “bottle-blond hairdo.” [AFP/Failed Messiah]

The New Republic, famously described by literary editor Leon Wieseltier as a Jewish version of Commentary, has a new, non-Jewish owner: 28-year-old Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes. [TNR]

• Is this why M.J. Rosenberg is employed by Media Matters? [Commentary Contentions]

• Another daily magazine of Jewish life and culture catches up with ping pong great Marty Reisman. We republished Howard Jacobson’s epic profile of Reisman. [NYT]

• The New York Police Department singled out Syrian Muslims, as opposed to other Syrians (like Syrian Jews), for surveillance. [AP/San Diego Mercury News]

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