Fred Malek.(MSNBC)

• Tonight, Fred Malek is hosting a fundraiser for Mitt Romney, which should be awkward given Malek’s history of Jew-counting for Nixon. [Politico]

• Even more awkward (though in a less unpleasant way)? Rep. Ron Paul, whose isolationist outlook includes a vision of abandoning strong American support for Israel, now says he favors moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Late bid to be considered for the Romney Administration? [Business Insider]

• Jewish Republican Ohio Senate candidate Josh Mandel is getting fundraising help from popular friends Sen. John McCain and Gov. Chris Christie. [The Hill Ballot Box]

• M.J. Rosenberg has left Media Matters; Alan Dershowitz declares victory (literally: “I have won the issue”). [Buzzfeed]

• The L.A. Persian Madoff? [Securities and Exchange Commission/Vos Iz Neias?]

• I’ll trade you my good-condition Brandeis and fair Elena Kagan for your mint Marvin Miller. [Kaplan’s Korner]

Spielberg does SNL’s Laser Cats.