Believe it or not, there is actually a luxury car boom in Tehran.(Atta Kenare/AFP/Getty Images)

• India, the last major importer of Iranian crude to take no action, has agreed to lower the oil it buys from Iran by at least 15 percent, further squeezing the Islamic Republic. [WSJ]

• Sanctions at this point are so thorough that there is concern the West won’t be able to lift them enough in order to get concessions from Iran. [Al Monitor]

• Hamas’ budget and military wing are no longer under leader Khaled Meshaal’s control, but are rather based in Gaza. [Haaretz]

• Due to the Assad-prompted civil war, there is not enough food for hundreds of thousands of Syrians. [WP]

• The United States is trying to push the U.N. Human Rights Council to squash or delay a planned probe into West Bank settlements that some have cast as Goldstone redux. [Haaretz Diplomania]

• President Obama and Mitt Romney both want Mayor Bloomberg’s endorsement. It’s not clear whether either will get it. [NYT]