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Burger King Israel Is Your Titillating Id

The fast food chain is offering Israelis sex toys when they buy an ‘Adult Meal’ for Valentine’s Day. For Hanukkah, it was a burger-doughnut. It’s all good.

Jonathan Zalman
February 14, 2017

Two holidays, two winners.

That’s my take on Burger King’s recent push in Israel, where the fast-food chain has offered the Sufganiking—a hamburger-doughnut sandwich—for Hanukkah, and now an adult-version of a Happy Meal that offers three toys—a scalp massager, a blindfold, and… is that a feather tickler?—for Valentine’s Day that could be used in mild sexual situations.

That’s right, one Burger King in Tel Aviv is offering an “Adult Meal” for the Hallmark holiday, giving people a chance to make a last-minute stop for both a burger and sex toys before heading home for a candlelit burger night, which sounds fairly pragmatic. Or you could go it alone; there’s no judging here.

The meal contains two Whoppers and a large fries, with two drinks (beer or soda). All for 69 NIS.

Jonathan Zalman is a writer and teacher based in Brooklyn.