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Larry David and Bernie Sanders Are Cousins. And That’s Pretty, Pretty Good.

Imagine that family seder

Sophie Aroesty
July 27, 2017

Larry David snagged an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live, but it turns out he may have had an unfair advantage. Science was backing up David’s performance—specifically, genetics. That’s right. Larry David and Bernie Sanders are related.

At a Television Critics Association event on Wednesday, David revealed that the 2016 presidential-hopeful is a “third cousin or something.”

These legends are only five years apart. Can you imagine them sitting together at a Passover seder, snickering over politics while their grandparents drone on about the brisket being dry? Or attending one another’s bar mitzvahs, and maybe even getting an aliyah while the other was becoming a man? We’ll keep kvelling over this perfect Jewish family bloodline, while you can watch them acting together in this SNL skit, looking for any family resemblance.

To be fair, you can’t get too worked up about the news. Tablet readers already know that Jews, especially Ashkenazi Jews, are all cousins anyway.

The takeaway? Larry David and Bernie Sanders are also your cousins. See you all at the next simcha.

Sophie Aroesty is an editorial intern at Tablet.