A rendering of the proposed bridge.(Marc Rimram/Haaretz)
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Sundown: Bridge to … Somewhere?

Plus Ellison is the richest Jew, and more

Marc Tracy
March 13, 2012
A rendering of the proposed bridge.(Marc Rimram/Haaretz)

• The tastefully named French Jewish architect Marc Mimram has a plan for a bridge, suspended several feet off the ground, that would connect Gaza and the West Bank to form a “contiguous” Palestinian state. [Haaretz]

• Larry Ellison is the richest Jew in the world. He’s followed by Sheldon Adelson, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, and Sergey Brin and Larry Page. [Forbes]

• Prime Minister Netanyahu’s approval rating is 53 percent (which is very strong for a parliamentary democracy with coalition governments). [Rosner’s Domain]

• Dictators vs. Democrats, the March Madness-style bracket! Intriguing potential second-round match-up … . [FP]

• “Infected Mohel Still Sucks.” [Failed Messiah]

• Five of the copies of Christian Marclay’s brilliant The Clock went to museums. The sixth went to hedge-funder Steven A. Cohen. [NYer]

Sen. Al Franken discusses a recent trip to Israel.

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