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Sundown: Confessions of an Ex-Columnist

Plus Israel stays course regarding Turkey, and more

Marc Tracy
September 02, 2011
Prime Minister Netanyahu last Sunday.(Uriel Sinai - Pool/Getty images)

Prime Minister Netanyahu last Sunday.(Uriel Sinai - Pool/Getty images)

• Former Jerusalem Post columnist Larry Derfner explains why he wrote the blog post about Palestinian terrorism that got him fired. [Forward]

• Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government still hopes to restore ties with Turkey, but not at the expense of apologizing for the treatment of the flotilla, after a U.N. panel stopped short of suggesting one. [Haaretz]

• Not that Israel is holding its breath. “This is part of the Islamization spreading there,” said one official. “Therefore, unfortunately, we won’t be returning to the golden era of our relations with the Turks in the near future.” [Ynet]

• The first rule of doing drugs during a Birthright trip is: don’t. But there are other rules should you choose to ignore that one. [Jewlicious]

• Judith Butler on Hannah Arendt on Adolf Eichmann. Surely this is of interest to some of you. [Guardian]

• One-time NBA baller Kenny Anderson will coach the team at a Jewish day school in Florida. [JTA/Jewish Journal]

Oh my God you can be Maccabi Tel Aviv in a video game!

Marc Tracy is a staff writer at The New Republic, and was previously a staff writer at Tablet. He tweets @marcatracy.

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