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Sundown: “Good Morning My Neighbors!”

Plus, Bieber week, and more

Dan Klein
April 11, 2011

• An early treatment for the Israeli adaptation of Coming to America. Has promise, needs some work. [JTA]

• Rodney Glassman ran against John McCain in 2010 for the Arizona Senate. Now he wants to try his luck against Senator Jon Kyl—But only if Rep. Gabrielle Giffords ops out, which sadly looks likely. [Daily Beast]

• 700 kids from southern Israel communities that have been hit by rockets were given free tickets to Justin Bieber’s Thursday concert in Tel Aviv. Haven’t they suffered enough? [JTA]

• Contributing editor Josh Cohen gets an entire round-ups dedicated to him. [HTMLGiant]

• Police think Ron Hirsch, the suspect in the explosion outside a Santa Monica synagogue, is on a bus headed east. He has family in New York. [LAT]

• FreeDarko, the amazing blog of basketball writers (including Tablet Magazine sport columnist Bethlehem Shoals) and artists, went dark today. So when was the last time you played the Tablet Magazine/Free Darko “Choose your own Jewish-American fantasy basketball game”? [NYT]

• Maurice Sendak is coming out with a new book! [Guardian]

• The Palestinian Authority is passing around their credit score to Western donor countries, hoping to get that sweet loft/internationally recognized Palestinian State. [JPost]

• Spoooooky. [NYT]