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Sundown: Israeli Energy (Literally)

Plus more power to Bibi, and more

Marc Tracy
May 16, 2012
Prime Minister Netanyahu last week.(Uriel Sinai/AFP/GettyImages)

Prime Minister Netanyahu last week.(Uriel Sinai/AFP/GettyImages)

• Is Israel the answer to Europe’s desire to wean itself off of Russian energy dependency? [FP Oil and Glory]

• Aluf Benn argues that the national-unity coalition gives Prime Minister Netanyahu more power without diminishing his influence over the government. [TNR]

• Speaking in Israel, the mayor of Caracas said Venezuela would wish to restore friendly ties with Israel if and when Chávez falls. [Ynet]

• The Knesset soundly defeated a bill that would have extended civil marriage to same-sex couples. [JPost/Vos Iz Neias?]

• A New Hampshire state legislator has been welcomed back into the chamber after he apologized, not once, not twice, but thrice for shouting “Sieg Heil!” [JTA]

• Beinart-watchers, -lovers, and –trolls, rev up your engines for the forthcoming New York Review of Books profile. [Mondoweiss]

Neil Young and Crazy Borscht, which matches different restaurants’ borschts to a Neil Young album, is amazing. I think of Veselka’s when I hear this tune:

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