Bel Kaufman.(Chester Higgins, Jr./NYT)
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Sundown: The Bel of the Ball

Plus, why Assad is still around, the most perfect Brooklyn trend piece, and more

Marc Tracy
May 12, 2011
Bel Kaufman.(Chester Higgins, Jr./NYT)

• Bel Kaufman—Sholom Aleichem’s granddaughter—is 100, and remains the old Jewish lady par excellence. [NYT]

• On Syria, does U.S. policy contradict itself? Very well then, argues Aaron David Miller, it contradicts itself. He explains why. [FP]

• Oh. My. God. An Israeli falafel truck dukes it out with a Palestinian-owned restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. (Instant and essential meta-analysis here.) [Brooklyn Paper via The Awl]

• There’s a lot wrong with Roger Cohen’s piece on Tonys Judt and Kushner—Judt was serious about being a one-stater, for example—but it is worth reading if only for the quotes from Kushner. (And here’s an alternative view.) [IHT]

• Friend-of-The-Scroll Joshua Foer discusses Jews as “People of Memory” and his new book, Moonwalking with Einstein. [Moment/JI Daily]

• Adam Levin, author of The Instructions, won the New York Public Library’s prestigious Young Lions Fiction Award. [Galleycat]

Just … just watch this. Now. And know that The Scroll’s new official catch-phrase is, “WHAT’S A MENSCH?”

Marc Tracy is a staff writer at The New Republic, and was previously a staff writer at Tablet. He tweets @marcatracy.