(Mitch Aidelbaum)

Life and Religion
Bring On the Plum Pudding, Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love Christmas, by Ruth Franklin

Crispy Christmas, How one woman spends her holidays, by Vanessa Davis

Unholy Ghost, How I found myself onstage singing in A Christmas Carol, by Rachel Sugar

Jewish Christmas, Why Jews eat Chinese on December 25, and how a hip Brooklyn deli is modernizing that tradition, by Marc Tracy

‘Blade II’ and Fried Rice, Christmas Eve for those who have nowhere else to be, by Janice Erlbaum

Arts and Culture
My Yiddishe Santa, Cartoonist Milt Gross’s 1927 visit from a Yiddish-accented St. Nicholas, by Marissa Brostoff

Have Yourself a Jewish Little Christmas, The top 10 Christmas Songs written by Jews, by Marc Tracy

The Grinch and I, My unnerving identification with the cuddly curmudgeon, by Jerome E. Copulsky