On Wednesday night, a few hours before President Obama was set to address the Muslim whole world from Cairo, filmmakers Max Blumenthal and Joseph Dana cruised through Jerusalem’s outdoor cafes asking drunk American kids a simple question: “What do you think of Obama coming to the region?” The responses, which featured plenty of f-bombs, ranged from the unpublishably offensive—including one from a guy who claimed to have volunteered for the Obama campaign—to the merely stupid. One girl who claimed she was a political science major failed to correctly identify Benjamin Netanyahu, but cheerfully rattled off a catalogue of conspiracy theories, including Obama-as-crypto-Muslim, Obama-as-foreign-born-citizen, and Obama-as-terrorist. “All I gotta say is, I want pussy!” exclaimed one teen, staggering slightly. “Is this gonna be on national TV or something?” asked another. We’re sure their parents are very proud.

Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem on Eve of Obama’s Cairo Address [Mondoweiss]