Police arrest two men who wanted to kill Jews.(NYPD/NYT)

• In a reversal, a popular Muslim Brotherhood politician will run for president of Egypt. [WSJ]

• Egyptian authorities have nixed the idea of a march that would cross into Gaza as a show of solidarity, with even the Brotherhood against the idea. [AP/WP]

• If much of the Arab spring is irreversible, nor is the region on the way to an exactly bright, sunny democratic future right away. [WP]

• The two men arrested in New York City yesterday for alleged bomb plots especially wanted to kill Jews. [NYT]

• “It’s a tragedy to tell you that we”—supporters of Israel—“could do without 80 percent of the Jews,” said controversial CUNY trustee Jeffrey Wiesenfeld. [The Jewish Press]

• Leo and Bar: Splitsville. ☹ [Page Six]